Emergency Airfield Lighting

The Environment

In an emergency, lives depend on being able to move air traffic in and out of an airfield: no matter the conditions or timing of when disaster or emergency strikes, the airfield must remain operational.

The Challenge

The nature of this situation demands emergency airfield lighting that deploys quickly and easily. It is important to elminate the complications of dispatching multiple crews to lay hundreds of feet of cabled line, demands of fuel or damage to cables. Emergencies require lighting that can be operational in minutes, perform effortlessly and allow responders to focus on other priorities.

The Solution

Carmanah solar airfield lighting offers a compact, self-contained, portable airfield lighting solution that can be deployed and repositioned in a matter of minutes. Operational in numerous mission critical operations around the world, from desert conditions to below freezing temperatures, Carmanah solar aviation lights provide the peace of mind that can truly be appreciated only when the most emergent situations are over. Carmanah A650, A702 series and A704-5 solar aviation lights are ruggedly reliable and are designed to be dropped in place and left to do what they do best: maintain safety and operability without worry.