Analyst Coverage

Carmanah Technologies Corporation is currently followed by the research analysts listed below (sorted by date of most recent coverage).

Unless otherwise stated, you may only obtain a research report from the analyst if you are a client of their respective firm.

Any statements, estimates and/or forecasts made by these analysts about Carmanah may not necessarily represent the opinions of the Company or its management.

Analyst Firm Listing

Deepak Kaushal
P.Eng., CFA
Analyst, Equity Research
GMP Securities
Telephone: 416.943.6686
Web Site:
Mike Plaster
Research Analyst
Salman Partners
Telephone: 604.622.5295
Web Site:
MacMurray D. Whale
Ph.D., P. Eng.
Analyst, Institutional Equity Research
Cormark Securities
Telephone: 416.943.6708
Web Site: