Carmanah Unveils Products at Intertraffic

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Carmanah's new roadway lights have the same design as its popular marine navigation lights. Solar-powered and self-contained, the lights require no external wiring. They feature low acquisition cost, low installation cost and no maintenance.

The new products include:

-School Crossing Flashers: A new "Twin Set Wagger" with two LED signal that flash in a synchronous pattern. These units are programmable using a Palm Pilot or Handspring Visor and Carmanah's proprietary software;

-Illuminated Roadway Sign: 300mm and 600mm road signs that are backlit by efficient solar powered LEDs. These units eliminate the need for overhead lighting and external wiring; and

-Bi-Directional Hazard Marker Post: A new concept in road marking posts that provide increased visibility and safety. Part of a line of products for the temporary or permanent marking of off-ramps, curves, culverts, road edges, medians, construction barricades and other obstructions.