Solar Outdoor Lighting Configurator

Carmanah's Solar Outdoor Lighting Configurator Tool is a sophisticated, free, online utility that may be used by lighting specifiers and other lighting professionals to select the appropriate EverGEN or EG-series lighting system for a specific application.

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What you need

  • 5-7 minutes

  • Installation location

  • Lighting application

  • Required light levels

What you get

  • Submittal Specification package (PDF)

  • Scaled IES file

  • Summary of system configuration

  • Lumen output of system

Solar: What Matters

The concept of an energy budget is core to understanding solar LED lighting. Here are the three considerations for determining what your energy budget looks like:

  1. Location (Energy Collection): Where in the world you are determines how much solar energy your solar LED lighting system is able to collect.

  2. Application (Energy Spend): The kind of lighting you are looking for will affect the amount of energy needed to meet required light levels.

  3. Operating Profile (Energy Conservation): By applying light purposefully (i.e. with dimming or occupancy sensing) you conserve energy, allowing system size and overall project cost to be reduced.

The Top 3 Reasons People Choose Solar LED Lighting

  1. Cost savings: customers have saved millions in installation costs by reducing or eliminating the cost of trenching, permits, surveys, traffic disruption, and other costly installation procedures.

  2. Logistical challenges: customers have found solar LED lighting to be an effective solution to challenges such as remote locations, delicate environments, difficult terrain and archaeological sensitivities. Read case study. Read case study...

  3. Green mandates: customers have accessed government funding opportunities and created showcase installations of green technology using solar LED lighting. Read case study. Read case study..

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