Flood & Structure Lighting

Carmanah supplies a selection of durable lights to provide direct and indirect illumination on offshore structures. These simple, easily-configurable lighting products are ideal for flood and area lighting or structure identification.

fl 100H offshore floodlight

FL 100 H Offshore Floodlight

The FL100 H easily illuminates identification panels and signs on offshore wind structures. This product can also be customized for other application areas with harsh weather conditions.

200HW tower illumination light

LO 200 HW FSL Tower Illumination Light

Illuminate wind turbines and other structures at sea. The LO 200 HW FSL is ideal for marking arrival and departure corridors for helipads located in offshore wind farms.

LED Light Tube

LT 1000 LED Light Tube

The LT1000 is an energy efficient alternative to traditional floodlights. These LED light tubes can be mounted in arrays to outline a structure or provide enhanced visibility of a leading line. The product is easily installed on any flat surface and is conspicuous in built-up areas with a lot of background lighting.