Hazardous Area Lanterns

Carmanah Sabik offers a selection of durable and reliable fog signals along with a compatible ATEX approved fog detector. These low power systems are suitable to be powered by solar charger and battery system and are ideal for use on oil and gas platforms, drilling rigs, or other fixed structures, buoys or artificial islands.

LED 155 EX Marine Lantern

LED 155 EX

The LED 155 EX is a compact and maintenance-free lantern commonly used on oil & gas platforms. This modular light can be delivered with up to three tiers for range up to 8 NM.

LED 350 EX offshore marine lantern

LED 350 EX

The LED 350 EX is a high-performance, omni-directional LED beacon designed for low-maintenance and longterm performance in harsh offshore environments. The lantern can be supplied with up to 3 tiers for range up to 12.5 NM.

LDR 155 EX offshore lanterns image

LDR 155 EX

The LDR 155 EX offshore lantern is an ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2 photocell that can be installed together with the LED 155 EX and LED 350 EX lanterns. The photocell is used if a central photocell is needed to control several lanterns simultaneously.