Offshore Wind

A complete selection of reliable lighting to mark offshore wind farms during construction and operational phases. Designed for long-life and reliability in harsh marine environments.

Oil rig with M650 lantern at sea

Marine lighting for offshore wind farms

Your Environment

As the call for alternative energy sources increases, you are faced with rapid infrastructure expansion across remote, offshore locations. You require reliable lighting during the construction and operational phases of your wind farm projects. You are responsible for ensuring safe navigation around your sites while also supplying safe access to un-manned turbines by helicopter or service vessel throughout the calendar year. 

Your Challenge

With sites that are difficult to access and frequently subjected to challenging weather conditions, your operations demand robust, low maintenance products with minimal failure rates. During construction phases you also require reliable, lanterns that can operate safely and independently of grid-power or expensive generator systems.

Your Solution

Customers worldwide are embracing the improved energy efficiency, low maintenance cost, extreme durability and greater reliability of LED marine lanterns. Carmanah Sabik's line of offshore wind products includes temporary and permanent AtoN’s, solar lanterns, buoys, NavAid controllers, fog signals, helicopter corridor lights and more. All products are designed for long-life and low-maintenance operation in harsh marine environments.




Offshore Wind Products