Ports & Waterways

Dense fog, high winds, seasonal ice, freezing rain, blizzards, and months without daylight - Carmanah Sabik LED marine lanterns perform year-in, year-out at ports and waterways around the globe.

coast guard workers installing lantern & buoy

Lighting Ports & Waterways around the Globe

Your Environment

The safety and security of your port operations depends on reliable illumination to aid navigation on the waters, and ease way-finding on jetties, docks and terminals. With vessel, pedestrian and vehicle traffic all converging within the confined space of a port of harbor - bright, dependable illumination is paramount during night and low visibility conditions.

Your Challenge

You face the challenge of providing lighting to areas where illumination is critical but the electrical grid is difficult to access. The safety and security of those who use the environment depend upon reliable illumination that lasts through the night. You need a solution that can install easily, operate economically and function free of the electrical grid to provide continuous light output regardless of weather or solar conditions.

Your Solution

Whether marking buoys in channels, powering security systems, lighting remote areas or providing reliable power to buildings and facilities, solar-powered systems can meet the demands of today's modern port and harbor facilities. Carmanah's self contained, maintenance-free solar power solutions not only provide reliable energy, but also allow ports and harbors to implement eco-friendly initiatives by using the clean, renewable energy of the sun to power their operations.