Range Lights

Carmanah Sabik offers a selection of short, medium and long range directional lights ideal for use as  port entry or lock traffic signals, or other applications where a nighttime or daytime visible range light is required.

Our range lights are designed for durability in harsh marine environments and come with a selection of programming and control options.

solar SC LS100 range light

SC LS100: Up to 10 Nautical Miles

This self-powered range light is designed for long-uninterrupted operation on fixed structures. Product includes on-board solar engine, premium batteries, and charge controller. Optional auxiliary connector for external charger or external solar module where additional power is required.

LS 100 wired range light

LS 100: 2 to 10 Nautical Miles

A compact and efficient marine lantern designed for range lighting or port traffic signals that require short or medium distance directional light. Also available in a self-contained solarized format.

LO200 Range Light

LO 200: Up to 15 Nautical Miles

A medium/long range directional light or port entry signal with high intensity output up to 24,000 cd. This precision light includes adjustable intensity from 5% to 100% and supports optional night-time reduction if operated day and night.

LO 200H range light

LO 200H: Up to 18 Nautical Miles

The LO 200 H is a long range directional light suitable for daytime visibility. This high intensity precision range light is equipped with high power LED’s with best-in-class thermal management to ensure along lifetime and minimal maintenance.