Self-Contained Marine Lanterns

When Carmanah pioneered the first solar LED marine light in 1996, the company began a tradition of excellence and performance that continues today. Deployed by numerous marine authorities, including the US and Canadian Coast guards, Carmanah solar marine lanterns boast rugged reliability and field-proven performance.

Using industry leading LED technology, the advanced optical design delivers unparalleled crispness and intensity with up to six nautical miles in range. Carmanah self-contained marine lanterns light the way on the waters around the globe in all IALA colours.

Rugged and reliable, Carmanah’s solar LED marine lanterns offer up to five years of maintenance free performance, reducing the total cost of ownership and resulting in significant cost savings.


M550 marine lantern and PATON

NEW! M550: Private Aid-to-Navigation, Up to 3 NM

The compact and versatile M550 is up to 15 times brighter than its popular M502 predecessor and is available in two easy-mount designs for quick installation at ports, marinas, private docks and more. The unit operates on three easily-replaceable, high-performance AA batteries. Product life expectancy is over fifteen years with three-year warranty.

ENHANCED! M650H: Up to 4 Nautical Miles

The M650 offers up to 60 cd IALA peak intensity within a compact, lightweight yet durable design. With intelligent energy management systems and an intuitive on-board user interface, the M650H provides a practical solution for marinas, docks, barges, bridges, and more.

M850 marine lantern

NEW! M850: Over 7 NM (3-6 NM all colours)

This high-efficiency, compact lantern is suitable for use in most solar locations. The M850 is over 30% more efficient than previous generation lanterns and is capable of an average 3 to 6 NM range with the ability to reach over 7 NM. Multiple battery pack options (60 or 96 Wh) provide customers the ability to cost-optimize their purchase by selecting the best solution for their installation location.

M860 marine lantern

NEW! M860: Up to 10 NM (3-6 NM in all colours)

The new M860 LED Marine Lantern is a premium, full-featured lantern suitable for achieving longer ranges in challenging insolation locations. The lantern includes options for GPS synchronization and more.  The M860 can achieve up to 475 peak candela (white). Average range is 3 to 6 NM with the ability to reach up to 10 NM.

M701 marine lantern

M701-5: 4 Nautical Miles

This high-quality, 5-panel solar light is a compact, stand-alone and maintenance free light ideal for marking fixed or floating visual aids to navigation, port and marina entrances and more.

M702-5 Solar Marine Lantern

M702-5: 4 Nautical Miles

The M702-5 comes with a medium sized solar engine for fixed intensity up to 46 cd and a 4 NM range in most installation locations. This is a durable and low-maintenance, 5-panel solar light for marking fixed of floating visual aids to navigation and more.

704-5 Solar Marine Lantern

M704-5: 5 Nautical Miles

This enhanced performance light offers fixed intensity up to 135 cd and a 5 NM range in most installation locations.

M708 Marine Lantern

M708: Up to 6 Nautical Miles

The M708 leverages a large format solar engine to offer visibility up to 6 nautical miles.  Carmanah’s classic rugged design survives harsh marine and includes sufficient solar panel coverage to perform reliably at northern installations.

SC110 Solar Lantern

SC110: 2 or 3 Nautical Miles

A durable, short-range light available in 2 or 3 nautical mile versions. Includes a 365 day integrated event log, wireless two-way programmer and optional GSM remote monitoring.  Suitable for buoys, beacons, marinas and aquaculture farms.

Sabik SC155 Marine Lantern

SC155 I/II: Up to 8 nautical miles

A self-contained LED marine lantern for fixed and floating structures with durable, large-format solar engine and optional GSM remote monitoring. The SC 155 is available in all IALA colours and is designed for long uninterrupted operation in a wide range of installation locations.

Sabik LS100 Solar Range Light

SC LS-100: Up to 10 nautical miles

This self-powered range light is designed for long-uninterrupted operation on fixed structures. Product includes on-board solar engine, premium batteries, and charge controller. Optional auxiliary connector for external charger or external solar module where additional power is required.

M502 marine lantern


M502: 1 Nautical Mile

The M502 has been replaced by the new higher intensity, smaller format M550. Click on the read more button below for support documentation for the legacy M502 marine lantern.