Out-of-the-box solar LED lighting solutions for cranes

Carmanah solar LED lights offer a wireless, easy-to-install solution for crane lighting, ensuring safety at night for aircraft. These FAA compliant lights with optional GPS synchronization offer out-of-the-box setup for immediate use in any crane application. Perfect for temporary installations, these portable lights can be moved with no external wiring to deal with when it’s time to change job sites. The long-lasting batteries won’t need to be replaced for five years, ensuring this is a low-maintenance solution. Add optional remote monitoring via GSM and Globalstar satellite networks for secure one- or two-way data transmission.

Since 1996, Carmanah has been a leading manufacturer in solar LED lights. Our products are field tested in extreme environments to ensure tough industrial performance. Explore other applications for our obstruction lighting solutions.

Products for Cranes

OL4 Hazard Marker

OL800 Solar Obstruction Light