General Area Lighting

EverGEN 1710 Solar LED Outdoor LightEverGEN 30 Solar LED Outdoor LightEverGEN 20 Solar LED Outdoor Light

From campuses to pedestrian facilities, Carmanah EG solar LED lighting is an ideal solution for general area lighting where sun is available but electrical grid power is not. As public spaces move towards greener, more energy-efficient (or zero energy) solutions, solar LED lighting is also being deployed in support of the community’s commitment to sustainable living. Solar LED lighting also enables facility managers to introduce lights into finished facilities to illuminate areas previously unlit or area of security concerns without incurring the costs or site disruptions associated with installing traditional grid powered lighting solutions.

From small to large areas,we'll help you find the best EG series solution to meet your lighting needs.


Why Go Solar?

  • Electrical grid is unreliable or unavailable
  • Trenching or cabling costs are high
  • Existing underground wiring needs replacing
  • Underground checks and permits are costly or time consuming
  • There is a need to light a previously finished area but installing grid powered fixtures is to costly or disruptive to the site.
  • An area of security concern becomes apparent on an existing facility but installing grid powered fixtures is to costly or disruptive to the site.
  • There is a desire for sustainable (green) lighting
  • Government funding to support sustainable infrastructure is available

With no connection to the electrical grid and no ongoing electrical costs, solar LED area lighting allows for versatility, reliability and cost-savings beyond anything hardwired solutions can offer.