Perimeter & Security Lighting

Reliability and performance are ensured with EG solar LED lighting systems. Ideal for security and fence lighting applications where illumination is required even in the event of a power failure, EG lighting systems supply bright, clear illumination when lighting is required most. Solar powered LED lighting addresses requirements for certain industrial, institutional, or military facilities to  have backup emergency security lighting systems for continued homeland security and safety in the unlikely event of a power failure.     

For perimeter and security lighting, we recommend looking into the EG320 and EG340.


Why Go Solar?

  • Mandates require backup security lighting that functions independently from the grid
  • Electrical grid is unreliable or unavailable
  • Trenching or cabling costs are high
  • Existing underground wiring needs replacing
  • Underground checks and permits are costly or time consuming
  • High risk facility requires perimeter fence security lighting not easily accomplished with traditional grid powered lights
  • There is a desire for sustainable (green) lighting
  • Government funding to support sustainable infrastructure is available

With no connection to the electrical grid and no ongoing electrical costs, solar LED area lighting allows for versatility, reliability and cost-savings beyond anything hardwired solutions can offer.


Case Studies

Energy Generating Facility
An energy generating facility meets mandates to take make their security lighting completely independent of grid power by installing EverGEN solar LED perimeter lighting...
PDVSA Housing Complex Case Study
PDVSA Housing Complex - Estado Monagas, Venezuela
When PDVSA began to build a new staff housing complex within their company compound in Punta de Mata, Estado Monagas, Venezuela...