Sign Lighting

The EverGEN solar LED lighting system is an ideal solution for illuminating signs in remote locations, such as welcome to signs, bus stops, map stations along trails and many more. Designed to operate independently from the grid, EverGEN solar LED lighting systems can be deployed at virtually any location. Coupled with an easy installation and low maintenance schedule, the EverGEN is a simple and effective sign lighting solution that showcases an organization or municipality’s commitment to sustainable, green solutions. 

Why Go Solar?

  • Electrical grid is unreliable or unavailable or copper theft in the park is a reoccurring problem
  • Trenching or cabling costs are high
  • Existing underground wiring needs replacing
  • Underground checks and permits are costly or time consuming
  • There is a cost in disrupting traffic, business and/or the environment
  • There is a desire for sustainable (green) lighting
  • Government funding to support sustainable infrastructure is available

With no connection to the electrical grid and no ongoing electrical costs, solar LED area lighting allows for versatility, reliability and cost-savings beyond anything hardwired solutions can offer.