Street Lighting

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Our EG series solar LED lighting system meets the requirements of street lighting standards while avoiding expensive installation costs associated with traditional grid powered lights. Solar lighting also delivers the energy savings and reduced carbon footprints that communities and utilities seek. Roadways where electrical grid power is unavailable, unreliable or costly to access, makes the EG solar LED lighting system the ideal solution: installing easily, requiring minimal maintenance, and having zero dependence on the electrical grid.

For small to medium sized roadways, we recommend the following product models: EG80, EG145, and EG320.  For large roadways, we recommend the EG340.

EG Series


Why Go Solar?

  • Electrical grid is unreliable or unavailable
  • Trenching or cabling costs are high
  • Existing underground wiring needs replacing or copper theft is a reoccurring problem
  • Underground checks and permits are costly or time consuming
  • There is a cost in disrupting traffic, business and/or the environment
  • There is a desire for sustainable (green) lighting
  • Government funding to support sustainable infrastructure is available

With no connection to the electrical grid and no ongoing electrical costs, solar LED area lighting allows for versatility, reliability and cost-savings beyond anything hardwired solutions can offer.


Case Studies

Lockheed Martin Facility Roadways Case Study
Lockheed Martin Facility Roadways - Orlando, Florida
When global security company Lockheed Martin performed an assessment of their Orlando, Florida facility, the results revealed that their existing 25-year-old streetlights were in need of replacement...
PDVSA Housing Complex Case Study
PDVSA Housing Complex - Estado Monagas, Venezuela
When PDVSA began to build a new staff housing complex within their company compound in Punta de Mata, Estado Monagas, Venezuela...