Outdoor Solar Lighting

Carmanah is a leading manufacturer of solar LED lighting systems engineered for outdoor off-grid lighting applications. Trusted by municipal, government and commercial agencies worldwide, Carmanah solar LED lighting systems deliver specifier-grade performance and feature operating profiles, making them ideal for street, parking lot, park and pathway applications.

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Notice to customers

Based on the recent acquisition of Sol Inc., a leader in the solar outdoor lighting market, Carmanah is taking steps to consolidate our position as the top player in the industry. After an extensive period in service, Carmanah is discontinuing the EverGEN 1500 and 1700 series as well as the EG40 and EG500 Solar Outdoor Lighting products. At this time, we encourage you to transition  to our popular and proven EG320, EG340, EG145 or EG80 products.