EG Series

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Carmanah’s EG Series solar lighting systems are ideal for parking lot, street and site lighting applications. With 20 years of solar lighting design expertise, the EG Series offers exceptional reliability and quality in a cost-effective package.

Superior Energy Management
We engineered the LED driver and charge controller into one energy management system (link is external), resulting in increased efficiency, reliable performance, easier installation, and minimal maintenance. You can be sure that everything works together like it's supposed to.

Integrated Design
The battery box enclosure is integrated into the solar panel mountings, which increases structural integrity, makes installation easier, reduces components, and cuts down costs.

Reliable Year-Round Operation
Our System Selector Tool is a sophisticated and unique application that uses 10 years of NASA weather data to calculate the best EG configuration to fit each location and application. The result is a lighting system that works 100% all year, even during the worst weather and least amount of sun.

Energy Saving Dimming
EG systems have an option to dim at certain times of the night using operating profiles (link is external), reducing energy consumption and requiring a smaller, lower cost system.

Built to Withstand Extreme Weather and Temperatures
Our products are IP outdoor rated, which means they are protected against dust, sand, and rain in high winds. The mounting holds up to 130-150 mph.

High Performance Fixtures
We use state-of-the-art Cree LED luminaires that are custom-wired specifically for our EG products. Our lightweight yet durable luminaires offer 50,000 to 100,000+ hours of operation, provide excellent lumens per watt brightness, meet IES standards and are IDA dark-sky approved.

Theft Prevention
Solar panels and batteries are mounted at the top of the pole, out of reach from vandalism..

Exceptional Product Support
Solar-powered lighting is our specialty. In addition to our warranty, our company has been in service for almost 20 years. We stand behind the quality of our products for every customer around the world.