Greg Miller - Managing Director

Greg Miller
Managing Director
Classy, wise, and willing to get his hands dirty when it comes to promoting active transportation, meet our leader. We call him the Beacon Master. You can call him Greg.
The leader of the Carmanah Traffic team, this is also the guy who gets up early to bike up hills just for fun. We’re not kidding. It’s just one example of the many ways in which Greg walks his active transportation talk. As our in-house expert on crosswalk design and engineering, Greg’s specialty is helping cities build pedestrian and cycling infrastructure. When he’s not working on crosswalks, Greg sits on his local Bicycling and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and is helping to create his region’s first neighborhood greenway. Like we said, the early morning bike rides are just the start.
A sucker for a good unsolved problem, Greg was one of the first to bring solar LED technology to the roadways market, drawn by the opportunity to develop new ways of solving old challenges.  Today, his passion for problem solving continues and his ability to find solutions to just about anything we throw at him is driven by his passion for both technology and active transportation.  
As a guy who is both classy and wise, Greg would like to be Chewbacca for a day to see what it would be like to be as articulate as a Wookiee. We can’t help but wonder what would happen if every active transportation advocacy group had a Wookiee on staff. Might bring a whole new meaning to those novel solutions Greg is so fond of.