3 ways remote monitoring saves time and money

Thu, 2016-11-10 12:06 -- emitic

For many installations, monitoring and maintaining deployed lights can be a challenge. But what if there were a way you could remotely check the status, receive email alerts, or even change the function of your lights?

Using a remote monitoring solution with enabled obstruction lights not only saves time, it also saves money.

Fewer Maintenance Calls
Use remote monitoring to run diagnostics and receive email alerts about anomalies, giving you the ability to maximize the longevity of the lights—and make fewer calls to replace batteries and bulbs. Preventative maintenance checks using remote monitoring software helps minimize maintenance costs and downtime.

Simple Light Tracking and Updating
Using trusted cellular and satellite networks, remote access makes it easy to track deployed lights, monitor battery and light performance, and increase response time to any light fault with system alarms. This innovative application of network connectivity lets you keep an eye on lights deployed over wide geographical areas.

Easy Data Analysis
Cloud-based technologies combine hundreds of data points from enabled lights and display them on easy-to-use mobile and web-based dashboards. User-friendly interfaces make analysis simple, while allowing flexibility to remotely evaluate operations in a centralized monitoring software. Having so much data readily available makes optimizing your maintenance schedule painless.

Intelligent remote monitoring is now available in Carmanah’s trusted OL800 solar LED obstruction light. Learn more about Carmanah’s LightGuard and the available connectivity with cellular GSM and Globalstar advanced satellite systems here.