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General Aviation Airfield Lighting


Carmanah offers the world's first comprehensive airfield lighting alternative for small and mid-sized airfields. From approach landing systems to runway edge and threshold lights, Carmanah technology reduces energy consumption while minimizing construction costs, ongoing maintenance and installation time.

Product Features

  • No wiring or cabling
  • Self-contained, water resistant design
  • Scalable solar engines
  • Vibration and shock proof construction
  • Multiple accessories including frangibles, fence mounts and durable ground matting
  • Patented Energy Management System
  • Multi-year warranties
  • 5-year maintenance free performance with average 15-20 year life spans


Carmanah Solar Benefits

  • Eliminate trenching and unnecessary construction
  • Reduce installation time from months to hours
  • Minimize your environmental footprint
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Maximize airfield up-time in weak-grid areas
  • Reliable performance at installations around the globe



Carmanah's integrated solar airfield lighting products provide airfield operators with a clear choice - spend hours installing a simple lighting system with minimal runway downtime, or wrestle with weeks of construction and electrical system upgrades.

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