Airfield Safety and Way Finding Lighting

Reliable lighting and power supplies are critical to the operational safety of airfields. The vulnerability of hardwired supply lines and rising energy costs make solar power solutions the ideal choice for increasing safety, reducing costs and improving infrastructure.

Carmanah’s solar lighting and power solutions are key countermeasures in safeguarding airfields against electrical grid failures and various other factors that can render airfield lighting and power supplies inoperable. Whether a permanent or emergency system is required, Carmanah’s solar-powered airfield safety solutions are an intelligent, reliable, long-term investment with a host of benefits:

  • Easy installation: no specialized work crew required; limited air traffic disruption and systems function immediately upon installation
  • Self-contained: no external components, cables or chargers required
  • Quick relocation: systems can be quickly relocated for temporary use and emergency applications
  • Low maintenance: no manpower required for maintenance, fueling generators, repairing cables or charging lights
  • Industrial-strength products: proven to operate flawlessly in the most extreme temperatures and conditions
  • Green solution: a clean, renewable and reliable energy resource with the lightest environmental footprint