Major Airfield Installs Solar Powered Directional Signs

Monday, April 30, 2012

The US Department of Defense (DoD) has chosen ADB-Carmanah solar powered LED directional signs for use on a major DoD airfield in the Asia-Pacific region. The solar powered LED signs enhance safety on the airfield and simultaneously reduce the energy footprint for the DoD, aiding them in achieving their strategic clean energy goals. The FAA and ICAO compliant signs are powered by wirelessly controlled solar engines, so installation was quick and did not require trenching or disruptions in aviation operations.

The directional signs are just one element of the Carmanah’s aviation airfield suite that covers approach to apron, including approach, runway and taxiway lights,  windcones, PAPI’s and elevated Runway Guard Lights. The entire airfield suite may be controlled using a PC or hand held controller wireless interface. Airfield setup is quick, operation is simple, and maintenance costs are vastly reduced compared to conventional wired systems.

The suite of solar hybrid aviation products is ideal for permanent, portable and emergency airfields - surpassing medium intensity non-precision IFR operations and fulfilling many precision CAT I IFR requirements. Due to their solar hybrid design they are ideal for sites where there is no reliable electrical grid or where energy efficiency is a priority.