Union Pacific Railroad - Des Moines, IA

Union Pacific signage with solar safety lightLocation: Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Client: Union Pacific Railroad

Overview: For decades, railroads across the US have used blue flags in their yards to alert trains of workers on or near the track. Since 2008, pairing a light with these markers has been the standard. A railyard in Des Moines found that the lights they were using to comply with these regulations constantly required bulb and battery replacements. After proving that the maintenance was far too time-consuming, they searched for a more efficient solution.

Our Solution: OL2A Solar LED Safety light

Requirements: To provide an efficient, low-maintenance blue safety light to complement blue flags used in the railyard.

“I have been a Class 1 railroad employee for almost 39 years and for the last 30 years worked in the train yard and locomotive service track area. I have seen and used a lot of blue lights, and Carmanah’s are top of the line. Their lights work flawlessly through heat, rain, and freezing cold weather. They also take a beating, being lifted, lowered, and sometimes dropped—but they never quit working. We use Carmanah’s lights at both ends of our service track protecting our derails, and they have been in service for over five years, trouble-free. They are my first choice in blue lights; one less item to worry about.” 

- Brian Sinram, Union Pacific

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Union Pacific Project Summary