Alaskan Air Force Base Issues Repeat Order as Part of Airfield Construction Project

Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska, has acquired an additional 47 units of Carmanah's Model 702 solar-powered LED light for an upcoming airfield construction project in April that requires temporary taxiway, apron and obstruction lights.

Elmendorf is currently using more than 150 Carmanah airfield lights for taxiway, apron and barricade lighting applications at its 62° northern latitude location.

Elmendorf is located in an environment that provides challenging winter conditions for solar-powered LED technology. Average winter months include 20 hour days without sunlight, temperatures commonly below -25 degrees Celsius, extremely heavy snowfall and overcast conditions. Carmanah's proprietary electronics and software (MICROSOURCE™) technologies have enabled high performance and reliable operation.

Elmendorf Air Force Base was Carmanah's first US Air Force installation after a successful test of its aviation lights through the winter of 2002. The success at Elmendorf has led to more than 6500 units installed at more than 40 US Air Force, Army, and Naval Air Bases in the United States, Middle East, and SW Asia. For more information, contact Allister Wilmott, the Business Development Manager for Carmanah's Aviation Lighting Division.