Carmanah Equips Remote Mountaintop Microwave Repeater with Stand-Alone Solar Power System

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Carmanah's Solar Power Systems Group has received an order from the State of Idaho for a 6 kW hybrid industrial solar power system to be installed at a remote mountaintop site near Boise, Idaho.

Scheduled for installation in June 2007, this system is an upgrade to an existing stand-alone solar power system, required to power newer and higher-power radio equipment for a microwave repeater site.

This site serves as a critical microwave link used by the State of Idaho for vital services, including emergency communications for police, fire and medical agencies. Because of the site's remote location, system reliability is of the utmost importance. For this critical application, the State chose a solar power hybrid system from Carmanah.

This stand-alone solar power system uses a microprocessor-based control capability to automatically regulate the solar array, and start a backup generator if the battery bank drops below a preset level. The generator charges through a telecom-grade rectifier that provides the 48 VDC power to the loads and recharges the battery. The generator is turned off automatically when the batteries reach 80% level.

Carmanah has extensive experience in designing and supplying solar electric systems for telecommunication applications, including mountain-top repeater sites, microwave relays, and portable radio power systems.
Carmanah's solar power systems require little to no maintenance, making them an attractive alternative to generator or potash battery-powered systems. Durable and reliable, Carmanah's array and battery systems can endure months of hostile weather and snow cover while still providing power to critical systems.

With thousands of installations operating reliably in the field after a decade or more, Carmanah's industrial design technicians will assess system demands based on location restrictions to create a complete and reliable solution.

Thousands of Carmanah's stand-alone solar power systems have been deployed worldwide over the past 15 years. Field proven to endure the extremely harsh environments found at many remote locations, Carmanah solar power systems are shipped as complete, easy-to-assemble kits that can be installed quickly with minimal technical expertise.

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