Carmanah Installs Solar Power System in New Wyoming School

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Carmanah's Solar Power Systems Group has been contracted by Teton Science School to supply its newest campus in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with an architect designed Grid Tie Solar Power System and a separate Stand Alone Solar Power System. The grid-tie system includes a solar array, consisting of 134 solar modules, installed on the south and west facing outside vertical walls of the school's maintenance / outfitting building. This PV system will be highly visible to all who enter the school campus, and will blend beautifully with the architectural design of all the buildings.

Carmanah's grid-tie system will provide supplemental green power to the school, while both systems will serve as a renewable energy teaching device for the Teton Science School. Carmanah's environmentally-responsible power systems fit the school's curriculum of conservation ethics and environmentally sensitive products. The Teton Science Schools is a perfect location to demonstrate the natural and abundant qualities of solar electric power. Their motto of "Connecting People to Nature through Education" says it all. See for more information.

Using the US DOE NREL "PVWatts" program, the Teton Science School's solar systems will generate an average of 7 MWHrs of power per year, which is enough energy to run 14 average computers that operate eight hours every day for a year or a single, average computer running continuously for 160 years. The greenhouse gas offsets are equal to 3.35 tCO2 per year, or equivalent to planting one acre of forest.

Carmanah's solar power systems are a popular alternative or supplement to grid power. The Company has supplied solar electric power systems for many applications for more than two decades, and has been particularly instrumental in providing power to remote regions.

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