Carmanah Provides Mounting Systems for Solar Lights Operating at Middle East Airfield

Friday, March 24, 2006

Carmanah's Aviation Division has received an order for 600 units of its AW1601 601 stake mounting systems from the US Air Force (USAF). These units will be installed at the Ali Al Salem Forward Operating Base in Kuwait, which currently uses more than 2,500 units of Carmanah's solar LED portable airfield lights.

Carmanah's solar-powered, self-contained LED aviation lights have proved to be the ideal lighting solution for Ali Al Salem and several other US forward-operating bases in the Middle East, where there is typically no reliable electrical infrastructure or access to grid power.

The Ali Al Salem Air Base is situated 39 miles north of the Iraqi border in a flat dessert environment with little access to any electrical infrastructure necessary to support hardwired airfield lighting. As an ideal alternative power source, the USAF has been installing Carmanah's solar LED portable airfield lights for runway, taxiway, apron edge, threshold, runway caution, helipad and obstruction lighting applications. The USAF has saved millions of dollars in upfront capital costs, infrastructure costs such as trenching, wiring and generator fuel, as well as long-term operating and maintenance costs.

Carmanah's new AW1601 601 stake mounting systems make installing its solar LED taxiway lights into the sandy desert gravel extremely simple and fast. The stake mounting systems also elevate the taxiway lights from the hot taxiway concrete, increasing the longevity of their batteries and protecting the lights from vehicles and plane traffic if they are accidentally hit. Carmanah's AW1601 601 stake mounting systems provide the USAF with a frangible mounting solution that can be moved at anytime, should a taxiway be closed or the lights be required for another airfield. Carmanah's stake mounting system is just another solution created for the USAF in order to increase safety, reduce costs and support successful operations for portable airfield lighting.

Carmanah continues to provide US Defense with all of their solar powered LED lighting solutions for permanent and forward-operating base operations. More than 20,000 lights are currently installed with the US Defense alone, savings millions of dollars in up-front capital costs and eliminating electrical, power and significant labor expenses. For more information about Carmanah's unique airfield lighting products, please contact Allister Wilmott of the Aviation Lighting Division at:

Toll-free: 1-877-722-8877 (USA and Canada)

Worldwide: +1 (250) 380-0052

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