Carmanah supplies Solar-Powered Back Up Systems to RCMP Stations in Nunavut

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Carmanah is pleased to announce that the Company has been awarded a contract to provide four solar-powered grid tie systems with emergency backup for the Nunavut RCMP detachments in Whale Cove, Chesterfield , Kugaaruk and Repulse Bay. All four systems will be installed by the end of September 2005.

Nunavut's geographical isolation and harsh climate create a challenge for the territory to have consistent, reliable power. Currently, the four RCMP stations rely on a local diesel generator micro grid. Previously during power outages, a staff member had to retrieve a portable generator in order to operate the detachment's emergency loads.

The new systems installed by Carmanah serve two purposes. First, the solar system operates parallel to the micro grid supplying much of the detachment's energy consumption during sunlight hours, reducing its reliance on the grid. Second, the battery back up serves to operate the emergency loads during micro grid failure. This automatic function reduces the need for an additional portable generator and keeps the detachment in a sustained state of operation. In addition to high maintenance and fuel costs and inconsistent reliability of diesel generator systems, the diesel fuel has a very damaging impact on the environment. Nunavut consumes over 30 million litres of diesel fuel annually, which could eventually lead to catastrophic consequences for the Artic region.

Carmanah's solar-powered, battery back-up systems are virtually maintenance free and have no negative effects on the environment. Each Carmanah turnkey system consists of 2.6 kW of solar modules, power conditioning equipment and batteries, and will produce a peak of 15kWHr daily during the summer. During power interruptions the battery system is capable of operating 1.0 kW of load for 12 hours without any input from the solar system.

Through the acquisition of Soltek Powersource Ltd., Carmanah has gained 20 years of technical experience in the design and supply of solar electric systems for telecommunications applications. Installations include mountain-top repeater sites, microwave relays, and portable radio power systems.

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