ICAO Compliance Completed for Carmanah Solar-Powered LED Airfield Lights

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Carmanah is pleased to announce that on September 15, 2004, Carmanah received third party confirmation that its Model 601 blue solar-powered LED lights meet the requirements of ICAO Annex 14, Volume I, Sections and Appendix I, 2.1.1. According to this specification, the lights are suitable for taxiway edge, apron edge, and helipad edge applications.

Product testing and analysis was completed by Intertek ETL SEMKO of Cortland, NY, USA, in accordance with current ICAO photometric and chromacity requirements for taxiway edge lighting. Click here to download the Letter of Attestation. A complete copy of the ICAO testing report is available upon request.

About ICAO

ICAO stands for the International Civil Aviation Organization. The constitution of ICAO is the Convention on International Civil Aviation, drawn up by a conference in Chicago, IL, in November and December 1944, and to which each ICAO Contracting State is a party.

One of ICAO's primary activities is standardization and the establishment of International Standards, Recommended Practices and Procedures covering the technical fields of aviation, including airfield lighting.

Currently, 188 countries are listed as Contracting States. Click here to download the complete listing (as at September 21, 2004). After an International Standard is adopted, it is put into effect by each ICAO Contracting State in its own territories.

ICAO works in close co-operation with other members of the United Nations, as well as non-governmental organizations such as the International Air Transport Association, the Airports Council International, the International Federation of Air Line Pilots' Associations, and the International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations.

About Intertek ETL SEMKO

ETL SEMKO is a division of Intertek Group plc (LSE: ITRK). With more than 30 offices and laboratories on six continents, the company ranks among the industry leaders in its scope of testing and accreditations.

For more information, contact Allister Wilmott, Business Development Manager for Carmanah's Aviation Lighting Division.