Remote Air-Sampling Monitor Uses Solar for Pollution-Free Power

Thursday, September 6, 2007

A remote air-sampling monitor on a high-desert site in Sierra, Nevada is using solar technology from Carmanah Technologies Corporation for a reliable source of pollution-free power.

Located miles from any traditional electrical infrastructure, the air-monitoring system needed a pollution-free, low maintenance power solution that could withstand a harsh-temperature environment while not interfering with the system's sensitive air-quality testing. The power from a generator was not a feasible option as diesel emissions would create inaccurate data as well an unacceptable amount of CO2 emissions.

In order to fulfill these challenging requirements, Carmanah provided a custom turnkey stand-alone solar power system. The 5kW system is scheduled to be installed in September 2007.

At 7,000 feet, this site is primarily accessible by helicopter, snowcat or all-terrain vehicle, necessitating a solar power system with a modular, yet easy-to-assemble configuration. The extreme weather conditions at this location also factored into the system's design.

To help protect the rechargable batteries and air-monitoring equipment from the extreme tempuratures typical of this remote location, two Zomeworks Cool Cell™ temperature regulating enclosures were integrated directly into the design. Cool Cell enclosures provide air-to-water heat exchange with passive, reliable temperature regulation. One Cool Cell enclosure regulates the temperature of the system's sealed, maintenance-free absorbed glass mat batteries, and the other regulates the system's air-monitoring sampling device.

In addition to projects such as this, Carmanah's integrated, turnkey solar power systems can support a variety of remote equipment applications:

  • Video surveillance
  • Security lighting
  • Remote communications
  • Perimeter security
  • Water resource security
  • Construction sites
  • Motion sensors
  • Emergency calls

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