Carmanah Technologies display solar aviation lights at Accra Summit

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

News Ghana.

Emergency nighttime medical evacuations are suddenly possible – saving lives.

Passenger flight times can extend safely past dusk and transport of goods, in and out of a community, can happen over extended hours.

The positive impact of longer operating hours filters into the community beyond the immediate airport and the addition of lights greatly improves operational safety – a fact acted upon recently by the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN). In 2015 Carmanah worked with a local partner to complete the lighting of 10 Airports in Nigeria as part of FAAN’s stated continuing mandate to be a world-class provider of safe, secure and efficient services across Nigeria. Carmanah hopes create similar partnerships with aviation authorities in other African countries.

Budgets are always a consideration; however using solar aviation lighting can help minimize costs. Carmanah’s solar lights are self-contained, reliable and safety compliant. Using these lights means that airports require no trenching or grid connection to extend operating hours. Without high voltage concerns, installation costs are also minimized and there are no ongoing power requirements. Carmanah’s solar aviation lighting can make lighting an airport viable, when budget or logistical restrictions exclude traditional AC lighting and are often the best choice even when grid power is available.

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