Total Airfield Solutions Training Webinar: Solar PAPI

No longer just a mainstay of remote military and off-grid airfields, solar lighting has rapidly become a viable solution for mainstream general aviation applications as well. With up to 20,000 candela of photometrically compliant illumination the Carmanah solar powered PAPI offers airport operators a new, low-maintenance and off-grid solution for easily extending their airfield lighting systems. Pre-register for our training webinar to learn more about the advancements in solar and LED technology that have led to the development of this valuable, industry-leading system.


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Key Executives

John Simmons

Jim Meekison 
Chairman of the Board

Evan Brown

Corporate Communications and Disclosure Policy



Carmanah Technologies Corporation (“Carmanah” or “Company”) has publicly traded securities and, therefore, must comply with certain legal and regulatory requirements regarding the public disclosure of information and the buying and selling shares or other securities of the Company. This Corporate Communications and Disclosure & Insider Trading Policy (the "Policy") describes the responsibilities, principles and practices for Carmanah to be adhered to by all Company Personnel (as defined below). This Policy ensures that the Company complies with best practices in public disclosure of Information and the trading of its securities.

Application of Policy

This Policy applies to:

a.   all directors, officers and employees of the Company or its subsidiaries;

Dating and Pricing of Stock Options


The Policy regarding Dating of Stock Options (the "Policy") is to clarify for the directors, officers, and employees ("employees") of Carmanah Technologies Corporation ("Carmanah") a standard policy pertaining to the timing of the granting of Carmanah stock options. It provides an impartial assignment and definition of the strike price and date of grant for options approved by the Board of Directors ("Board") or it's approved designate.

Annual Grants

Employees may receive options on an annual basis. The date of grant for these options will be 14 days following Carmanah's Annual General Meeting.

Other Grants for Existing Employees

The date of grant will be 14 days from the date the grant is approved by the Board or it's designate.

New Employees

For new employees who are granted stock options, the date of grant will be 14 days from the employee's start date.

Mandate of the Governance Committee


The Board of Directors (the "Board") of the Carmanah Technologies Corporation (the "Company") has established a Governance Committee (the "Committee") for the purpose of providing the Board with recommendations relating to corporate governance.

Membership and Organization

The Board will, each year, appoint a minimum of five (5) directors as members of the Committee and appoint one member of the Committee as Chair. All members of the Committee will be non-management directors.

A majority of members of the Committee, present in person, by teleconferencing, or by videoconferencing constitutes a quorum.


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