Charter of the Compensation Committee to the Board of Directors

I. Purpose

The purpose of the Compensation Committee (the “Committee”) of the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Carmanah Technologies Corporation (“Carmanah” or the “Company”) shall be to act on behalf of the Board in: (i) determining and approving the compensation of the Company’s Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”); (ii) reviewing and approving compensation for the Company’s other executive officers (“NEO”); (iii) fulfilling the Board’s oversight responsibilities with respect to the Company’s overall compensation policies, plans and programs; (iv) overseeing an evaluation of management succession planning; and (v) performing other activities related to the Company’s compensation plans and structure, including preparing and reviewing any disclosure on NEO compensation included in the Company’s annual information circular in accordance with applicable rules and regulations promulgated by the  Canadian provincial securities regulatory authorities.

Charter of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors


The purpose of the Audit Committee (the “Committee”) of the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Carmanah Technologies Corporation (the “Company”) shall be to act on behalf of the Board in fulfilling the Board’s oversight responsibilities with respect to: (i) the Company’s corporate accounting, financial reporting practices and audits of financial statements; (ii) the Company’s systems of internal accounting and financial controls; (iii) the quality and integrity of the Company’s financial statements and reports; and (iv) the qualifications, independence and performance of any firm or firms of certified public accountants or independent chartered accountants engaged as the Company’s independent outside auditors (the “Auditors”).

Annual General Meeting


The 2018 Annual Meeting of Shareholders of Carmanah Technologies Corp. (TSX: CMH) will be held on

JUNE 22, 2018 AT 8:30 AM (PACIFIC TIME)

Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe, Pacific Suite
100 Harbour Road, Victoria, BC, V9A 0G1

Analyst Coverage

Carmanah Technologies Corporation is currently followed by the research analysts listed below (sorted by date of most recent coverage).

Unless otherwise stated, you may only obtain a research report from the analyst if you are a client of their respective firm.

Any statements, estimates and/or forecasts made by these analysts about Carmanah may not necessarily represent the opinions of the Company or its management.


Carmanah has been a pioneer in the solar business since 1996, and has earned a reputation for delivering powerful LED and solar power systems and solutions worldwide. We seek exceptional talent to join a passionate, driven team that is building something bigger than themselves and having fun doing it.

Joining Carmanah means joining an award-winning company that produces innovative clean-tech and sets its sights on the future—with the best yet to come!     

If you are that exceptional talent and want to work in an open and forthright culture and make a real difference in our world, Carmanah is the place for you.

If we don’t have a position open currently that matches your skills, we still want to hear from you. If this is the case, please email your resume and cover to

At Carmanah, we all embrace five core values:


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