Marine Lantern Product Features

GPS Flash Synchronization, Chargeports & More

Many of our marine lanterns come with value-added features. While these can add to the overall cost of your product, they can also greatly contribute to the overall performance of your lighting system.

GPS Synchronization: This feature is availble with a subset of our lights to help channel designers synchronize all of their lights to the same flash pattern and frequency. Synchronized flashing is a valuable feature for clarifying a route through difficult waters by making the recommended path even more visible to approaching vessels.

External Chargeport: Carmanah lights are designed to re-charge fully each day through the natural power of the sun. However, in the event that you will be storing your lights indoors for lengthy periods, an external chargeport may be a useful feature. This option will allow you to connect your light to an AC charger to top up the battery prior to deployment. All connectors are sealed to prevent water ingress.

Autonomy & Sizing: The number of days your product can run, independent of charging, is referred to as its "autonomy." Typically an autonomy of 7 days is recommended (imagine 7 days without sun!); however some specifications require more or less autonomy depending on the specifying authority, the product location and local weather conditions. Requesting more autonomy may increase the overall product size and cost as, in general, a largery battery and more panel will be required.

Vertical Divergence: The Carmanah M800 Series is available with two standard lense divergences. The degree of divergence will determine how much light is visible above or below a horizontal plane. Our standard product is suitable for most applications. In some floating applications, 10 degree divergence may be desired.