Why Choose Solar Power with Carmanah Telematics?

Increase your data capture and transmission with batteries that last

Remote monitoring and subsequent data transmissions require electrical energy, which can quickly drain batteries used to power this remote connectivity. Using free energy from the sun allows for more frequent data collection and transmission.

At Carmanah, we use our expertise to enable your remotely located assets to report more data, more often, via satellite. Powered by solar energy and satellite connectivity, these solutions will help you reduce your costs and:


Expand your use cases: Develop innovative IoT and M2M (machine-to-machine) applications.


Extend battery life: Charge your battery more efficiently for a longer battery lifespan.

Low maintenance

Reduce maintenance: Save money by extending battery maintenance intervals to eight years or longer.

Green technology

Be more green: Reduce improper battery disposal.

Data transmission

Transmit more data: Capture and transmit more information—more frequently.

Be business smart

Increase business intelligence: Access more data to make better decisions.

New products

Enhance the next version of your product: Incorporate solar power in the next iteration.



Find a solution for your communication needs

We can apply our expertise to enhance your remote communications, using solar to help you:

  • Monitor remotely: In partnership with satellite service provider Globalstar, we offer solar-powered remote asset tracking solutions.
  • Capture and transmit data: Using the Globalstar low earth orbit satellite network and the sun's energy, our IoT (Internet of Things) platform provides remote data capture and transmission for your IoT needs.
  • Charge battery systems: The Carmanah Solar Engine, a location-aware solar-powered charging assembly with satellite connectivity, can power your next remote project or retrofit existing assets using solar energy.


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