About RRFBs

How it works

RRFBs are high intensity yellow warning lights that flash rapidly when actuated by a pedestrian push button.  On each approach to the crosswalk there are lights on both the left and right hand side which ‘frame the crosswalk’.  A smaller light is directed across the crosswalk to provide confirmation that the system is activated.  Additional lights can be mounted in the median or in advance of the crosswalk.

The Technology

Solar technology provides a very cost effective solution as grid connections and metering charges are avoided.  LEDs have become very energy efficient in recent years, making solar practical even for locations with extended cloudy conditions. Carmanah’s energy management technology provides reliable all year, year after year operation.

Systems are wirelessly connected, so pedestrian actuation from one system activates the other systems at or in advance of the crosswalk.

The Carmanah system is small enough to install on standard existing sign posts.


RRFBs are proven to be highly effective at improving vehicles yielding at crosswalks.  RRFBs have been found to provide vehicle yielding rates of between 72 and 96 percent, including 4 lane roadways with average daily traffic exceeding 12,000.

Cost Considerations

Cost is always a significant consideration for local governments and other agencies responsible for crosswalk safety. Utilizing solar power to eliminate electrical connections and metering, and wireless cross-street activation to avoid trenching, RRFBs are significantly less than other warning systems to install.  Because the system is post-mounted, maintenance costs are minimal.

FHWA Approved

RRFBs are approved for use by FHWA (Federal Highways Administration) providing that they are used according to the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices).