Darren Beckwith - Product Designer

Darren Beckwith
Product Designer
This is the guy that turns a bunch of mathematics and code into our ultra-reliable beacons. He’s pretty much our secret weapon. Which would explain the body guards.
Darren is the perfect mix of engineer and artist. He is the man behind the software that makes our products work and his passion for design is driven by his love of creating. We hand Darren a list of requirements that read like Greek to most, and he turns them into beautiful solar beacons that perform just the way they’re expected to every day without fail. Picasso may have just met his match.
Not only is Darren a talented engineer, he’s also an impressive professional photographer and a genuinely nice guy to boot. As a new dad, Darren makes walking a big part of daily life and family strolls on summer evenings are his favorite way of staying active.
Passionate about solar energy and working for a company that makes a difference in the world, Darren would like to try his hand at being Han Solo for day. When asked why, he said something about Kessel Runs and parsecs that we didn’t quite understand. Let’s just say we can’t think of anyone who’d make a better Han.