R920 Daily Activations

The following map provides the operating capacity of the R920 Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB).  Operating capacity is the number of daily activations the system can support year-round at the location.  The operating capacity is far higher than indicated during non-winter conditions when more solar energy is available.  The flash duration for each activation is 20 seconds (note the flash duration is field configurable, 20 seconds is typical).  Operating capacity is inherently variable based on the latitude and weather conditions of the location.

R920 - 20 second daily activations


Carmanah’s patented automatic light control technology provides a safeguard for extreme situations, for example if the rated daily activations are exceeded AND the system is operating during extreme winter conditions.

Carmanah utilizes a sophisticated solar modelling tool that factors in local historical solar conditions as well as temperature and usage effects on the system batteries.  The model is calibrated with years of field data from thousands of Carmanah’s solar LED products installed worldwide.