Radar Speed Signs

Radar speed signs are traffic calming devices that have an immediate and long-lasting impact on driver behavior and can reduce speeds by as much as 9 mph. They are highly effective in getting drivers to slow down in neighborhoods, school zones and other roadways.

Top 3 reasons to choose SpeedCheck Radar Speed Signs:

  1. High-contrast display for greatest readability at a distance
  2. Every sign includes data collection, calendar/schedule operation and reporting software
  3. Customizable options for static signs, power sources, remote connectivity, beacon add-ons and more
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Carmanah’s SpeedCheck® Series video

SpeedCheck Manager Software for PCs and Mobile Devices video

SpeedCheck radar speed signs are packed with features to maximize effectiveness

  • Meets MUTCD legibility standards for color, character and height—with ultra-bright LED displays
  • Built-in data collection and stealth mode on every sign—with PC software included for dashboard visualization and reporting
  • Optional “SLOW DOWN” message and strobe
  • External beacons and calendar/schedule operation for school zone safety programs
  • Easy installation and easy connectivity via Bluetooth® wireless
  • Mobile app for iOS® and Android™
  • Tough, vandal and weather-resistant aluminum and polycarbonate display
  • A Carmanah Solar Power Report ensures year-after-year operation
  • Powered by solar, AC or battery-only* (*available for the 12-inch model)
  • Carmanah 3-year warranty

Our standards are exceptionally high, especially when it comes to compliance

Radar speed signs meet a variety of compliance requirements, while also aligning with safety initiatives across the US and Canada. SpeedCheck displays are a lower cost, lower maintenance alternative to sidewalks, traffic lights or speed humps, allowing you to stretch your funds. Radar speed signs are:
  • MUTCD approved
  • Transport Canada approved
  • Safe Routes to School aligned
  • Eligible for grant funding in many cases

If you’d like to learn more about the MUTCD requirements for radar speed signs, get our compiled guide here.

mutcd compliant icon

MUTCD compliant

buy america compliant icon

Buy America compliant

3 year radar sign warranty icon

3-year limited warranty

solar power report icon

Solar sized for every location

21 day battery life icon

Up to 21 day battery run time

1000 ft radar range icon

Up to 1000 ft radar detection

Easy installation

Carmanah’s radar speed signs are conveniently shipped pre-configured from the factory, but we’re here to help in case you encounter any roadblocks. Our Product Support Specialists provides assistance with:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Shipment Status
  • Product Options & Updates
  • Downloads for Manuals and Software
  • Warranty Support

Available by telephone, email, or live online chat, let our Product Support Specialists save you time!

There is no question that radar signs enhance safety in the community. These signs are a cost-effective means of getting people to police themselves. They are relatively inexpensive considering the work they do to improve community safety.

– Bill Dickinson, former Police Chief, Tigard, OR

The speeding problem and radar speed sign effectivenes

Speeding drivers put others at risk, especially when pedestrians are present in school zones, on neighborhood streets, or in work zones. By dramatically reducing the speed of the worst offenders, SpeedCheck radar speed display signs can mean the difference between life and death. Radar speed signs can slow down traffic in a school zone by as much as 9 mph, according to this study from the Texas Transportation Institute, and several studies have shown a range of around 5 to 9 mph.

Solar sizing matters

Carmanah’s radar speed signs are the most reliable and brightest signs on the market because we’re experts at sizing-up solar.

How do we do it? It’s called a Solar Power Report, and it’s calculated by your site location and the profile of each unique installation site. Our Solar Power Report takes into account environmental factors and product settings.

solar sizing matters

Once completed, the Solar Power Report lets us know what size of solar kit is sustainable year-round, or whether A/C power options may be required for that unique location.

*Contact our team for locations with shading.

Comprehensive school zone safety treatments

Flashing school zone beacons are the key safety tool for schools to slow down traffic. Additional products may be added that will also encourage drivers to take notice of signs and adjust their behavior. Check your local requirements to determine compliant school zone safety options in your region.

School zones can contain:


Flashing beacons
within school zone areas

Radar speed signs to help drivers self-correct before a school zone
LED flashing or lighted signs to illuminate signage

Contact our team for a quote or questions:


Contact our team for a quote or questions:


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