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7th July, 2014

Intelligent Navigation Aids in Colombia

Dirección General Marítima Autoridad Maritima Colombiana (DIMAR) is improving operating conditions and safety at two Colombian Ports through the use of advanced buoyage systems and intelligent Carmanah Aids to Navigation. View the original Spanish article at Naucher Global or download our English or Spanish case studies.



5th June, 2014

Updated Product Catalogue

View the latest in marine lantern technology from Carmanah/Sabik. Carmanah is pleased to announce that the newest edition of the Carmanah/Sabik product catalogue is now available online in both English and Spanish.





product sneak peak image. The Carmanah 2013 line arrives this spring.

Monitoring and More

Re-designed for minimal upkeep, re-engineered for optimal performance, re-conceived to meet the most advanced marine lighting challenges head-on. View our latest products.