Corporate Social Responsibility


Carmanah is proud of our triple bottom line, which we see as our commitment to doing business in a manner that supports people, planet, and profit. We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations and supporting the health, well-being, and education of our employees, as well as the people in the communities we interact with and serve. It is our strong belief that these activities will benefit both the environment and society while simultaneously enhancing our corporate profitability and value.

We have seen progress within many of our initiatives, including reducing carbon emissions, maintaining a zero-waste office, and increasing our support for organizations advancing transportation safety and sustainability. We are continuously developing initiatives that reduce our company’s environmental impact and increase the social and community well-being of our stakeholders.

Recent highlights

Go green

As members, we’ve reduced our carbon footprint by:

  • Reducing thermostat temperatures
  • Insulating hot water tanks
  • Using  100% biodegradable & recyclable sugar cane paper

Wasting away

Our organic waste bins divert an average of 9,818 kg of waste from the landfill annually, which is the equivalent of the annual waste for 8 individuals

Ocean friendly business

By making changes to reduce single-use items at our tea and coffee station, we’ve become an approved Ocean Friendly Business, and we enjoy tea from locally owned Murchie’s!


Using low-flow toilets and taps saves us ~3,084 m3 of water each year, enough to fill half an Olympic-size pool

Hybrid for the win!

We offer a hybrid remote work program that allows employees to work part of their week from home, reducing travel emissions and improving work/life balance

Giving Tuesday

Every November, we participate in GivingTuesday, donating to causes like Safe Routes to School, City Parks Alliance, and our local Compost Education Centre

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Using our green initiatives, we’ve reduced over 2,600 single-use plastic items, conserved 79,882 kWh of energy, and saved 14 trees since 2022

Prize alert

Each year, we award the Carmanah Prize in Eco-Technology to an engineering student at our local university to encourage innovation in the field