About Carmanah

Developing complete streets that everyone can use safely is a big job—but you don’t have to do it alone. Every superhero needs a team behind the scenes that helps them save the world. At Carmanah, we’ve got the tools to help you meet your community’s needs. We spend our time working with traffic heroes like you to ensure we’re providing innovative, cost-effective, and long-lasting solutions for your traffic applications, from crosswalks to school zones to highways.

Whether your mission is improving walkability, slowing down traffic, or ensuring a sign can be seen, we’re here to help you do it. And we’ll help you in any location, while also meeting MUTCD regulations, ITE requirements, and other specifications.


Pushing technology

While you’re out promoting traffic safety solutions, we’re hard at work behind the scenes, looking for ways to improve the arsenal of tools at your disposal. We combine our 20+ years of experience with the latest in solar LED technology and our proprietary energy management system to ensure efficient power and maximum performance of all our products.

Our solar and AC-powered beacons are available with industry-leading features, including wireless communication, calendar and remote monitoring functionality, pedestrian and passive activation, and more to help us stand out from the rest. Plus, we have the mounts and housings to fit any new or retrofit installation. We manufacture long-lasting, low-maintenance systems that you can depend on.

Beyond the call of duty

It was one of our most intense missions yet: rescuing the rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB)—a highly effective crosswalk safety product—when it was at risk of being lost forever due to ongoing patent issues. Our Chairman, John Simmons, said it best: “One of the traits of a good leader is knowing when to take a stand for the benefit of all.” We did just that. We stepped up to purchase all the patents with the sole purpose of disclaiming them, propelling the RRFB into the public domain for good. “We could not stand by and do nothing when technology with the proven ability to save lives is at risk of being stifled,” Simmons said.