Carmanah COVID-19 Safety

For Everyone’s Health and Safety

Carmanah is committed to the health and safety of its Employees and Visitors. We follow strict guidelines in accordance with Health Canada, the BC Centre for Disease Control and WorkSafe BC, including heightened daily cleaning and sanitization at our premises. Outlined here are highlights for Employees and Visitors. A copy of the full COVID-19 Exposure Control Policy is posted on-site and available at our office or upon request.

A note to our Visitors

Carmanah is allowing only essential Visitors on the premises at this time. All Visitors will be restricted if they are exhibiting any signs of COVID-19 symptoms. Our entrance is permanently locked, and a doorbell and instruction signage has been installed. A Carmanah Employee must accompany all Visitors’ or deliveries/pickups. Visitors proceeding throughout the premises will be required to sign in and leave their contact information. Visitors and delivery/pickup personnel must follow all posted notices, including hand sanitization, mandatory face masks and 6-foot distancing protocols. Non-medical face masks and gloves are provided.

Employee protocol put simply

Before reporting to work each day, Employees must self-assess for symptoms of COVID-19. Upon entering the premises for work, Employees must sanitize their hands before preceding to their workstation. Employees must wear a face mask in all communal areas and follow all posted protocols, including maintaining 6-foot distancing at all times, hand sanitizing/washing regularly and adhering to the Company’s COVID-19 policies and procedures. Employees are allowed to remove their face masks while sitting at their designated workstations.


If an Employee or Visitor cannot wear a face mask and requires accommodation, please contact (Visitor) or Human Resources (Employee) to work together on alternative arrangements.


A message to our Customers

Carmanah’s employees are here and ready to help you with your business. Our team is equipped with all the tools needed to facilitate your orders and answer your questions.

We are also working closely with our supply chain partners to ensure that we can continue to deliver our products without interruption. At this time, we have no delays in shipping and can produce your orders within our typical lead times. We expect to provide the same standards of attention and timeliness you have come to expect from us.