24-Hour Circular Flashing Beacons 

Improve stop, warning, and new sign compliance with 24-hour LED flashers.

24-Hour Circular Flashing Beacons 

Improve stop, warning, and new sign compliance with 24-hour LED flashers.

Every street, road, and highway presents a unique set of challenges to traffic engineers looking to improve safety and increase walkability. When an intersection, blind corner, or other location is problematic, adding beacons that flash 24 hours a day to new or existing signs can help improve sign compliance. Giving cars a chance to slow down in advance can help save lives, reduce congestion, and avoid property or infrastructure damage.

You can see those beacons blinkin’ a solid mile away. We liked them so well we’ve already purchased more Carmanah solar beacons for our school zone signs.

– Mike Villareal, Operations Foreman, Altus Tower

Solar-powered solutions offer affordability in remote locations

A 2006 Wyoming Department of Transportation study showed that 85.8% of the state’s fatal vehicle incidences occurred on rural roads, so they decided to install Carmanah’s flashing beacons with “stop ahead” warning signs. For these remote locations, solar-powered models were the best choice, with no trenching or wiring required that would have made this project prohibitively expensive. For many locations, solar-powered beacons are the most cost-effective and practical option. Learn more about Wyoming’s R247 beacons to see additional benefits.

We have completed installations like this one across North America and around the world. Here are some additional highlights:


Problem Solution
Drivers are continually blowing through stop signs. 24-hour flashing beacons increases conspicuity and awareness of stop signs, as well as driver caution and compliance.
Regular commuters aren’t complying with new speed limits or other posted regulations. Beacons can help draw attention to new regulations and traffic flows with the onset of bright flashing lights.

What types of signs use 24-hour beacons or can be enhanced with LEDs?

The applications are endless. Add beacons in addition to existing signage or on the approach to existing signage; use LED flashing and lighted signs to replace existing static signs.

Stop signs, including 4-way, 2-way, or T-intersections, and approaches to these intersections

Yield signs, including at approaches to intersections or roundabouts, or at highway on-ramps or off-ramps

Curve Ahead signs or other indicators of sharp turns or blind corners

Wrong Way signs on access ramps or divided highways

See 24-hour flashing lights in action

Watch this video to see our flashing beacon solutions in action.

Curious about connectivity?

We partnered with leading intelligent transportation systems (ITS) solutions provider Applied Information to develop StreetHub, a portfolio of beacons and signs that leverages cellular technology to allow authorized personnel to remotely monitor and control their complete network from a single easy-to-use web-based platform. With StreetHub, you can set and adjust the schedules of your 24-hour flashing beacons from anywhere, plus collect data, manage alerts, monitor battery health, and more—all without having to make a manual site visit.

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