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Carmanah's new line of self-contained marine lanterns are brighter than ever, lighter-weight, simpler to use and come with more features.

2013 Marine Product Line

A new era in marine lighting has begun

Re-designed for minimal upkeep, re-engineered for optimal performance, re-conceived to meet the most advanced offshore lighting challenges in the market head-on. Our ground-breaking product line offers:

  • Improved efficiency by more than 30%
  • Unit weight up to 40% lighter
  • Simplified user experience; new mini IR remote and no transitioning
  • New programming options including an M800 series calendar function for automatically deactivating lanterns during off-season months
  • Multiple divergences suitable for fixed & floating installations (M800 series)
  • Optional external charge port for overnight charging (M800 series)

Product Options

M550 marine lantern

M550: Up to 3 Nautical Miles

At fifteen times brighter and half the weight and size of its popular M502 predecessor, the M550 is the most efficient, small format, self-contained marine lantern on the market.The compact and versatile M550 is available in two easy-mount designs for quick installation at ports, marinas, private docks and more. The unit operates on three easily-replaceable, high-performance AA batteries. Product life expectancy is over fifteen years with a three-year warranty.

M850 marine lantern

M850: Over 7 Nautical Miles

The M850 self-contained LED marine lantern is a high-efficiency, compact lantern suitable for use in most solar locations. This durable light is capable of an average 3 to 6 NM range with the ability to reach over 7 NM. Multiple battery pack options (60 or 96 Wh) provide customers the ability to cost-optimize their purchase by selecting the best solution for their installation location. The M850 is built with high-efficiency, smooth-surface glass solar panels and advanced composite materials to offer best-in-class performance from a durable yet lightweight lantern. GPS option available.

M860 marine lantern

M860: Up to 10 Nautical Miles

The new M860 LED Marine Lantern is a premium, full-featured lantern suitable for achieving longer ranges in challenging insolation locations. Includes options for GPS synchronization and more.  The M860 can achieve up to 475 peak candela (white). Average range is 3 to 6 NM with the ability to reach up to 10 NM. Like the M850, the M860 comes with multiple reliable battery pack options (96 and 200 Wh). The M860 leverages the same durable design as the M850 within a larger format.

M860 marine lantern

Enhanced! M650H: Up to 4 Nautical Miles

Now offering up to 44 cd IALA peak intensity within the popular, lightweight and durable M650 design. With intelligent energy management systems and an intuitive on-board user interface, the M650H provides a practical solution for marinas, docks, barges, bridges, and more..

  • Best-in-class designs
  • Best value-for-performance
  • Enhanced usability with simplified set-up & programming
  • Industry-leading energy manangement systems
  • Rugged reliability & durability
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