Monitoring your lighted Aids to Navigation has never been easier!

Fully integrated, easy-to-handle, reliable - Carmanah/SABIK lanterns with »LightGuard Technology«
contain all the components required for remote monitoring in a single housing.  Intuitive desktop and
mobile-friendly software included.

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More Recent Product Introductions from Carmanah/SABIK

M550 Lantern
Up to 3NM

At fifteen times brighter and half the weight and size of its popular M502 predecessor, the M550 is the most efficient, small format, self-contained marine lantern on the market. Post and flange-mount options available.



M850 Lantern
Over 7 NM

A compact, high-efficiency, lantern suitable for use in most solar locations. This durable light is capable of an average 3 to 6 NM range with the ability to reach over 7 NM.  60 and 96 Wh battery pack options available.

M860 Lantern
Up to 10 NM

A premium, full-featured lantern suitable for achieving longer ranges in challenging insolation locations. Average range is 3 to 6 NM with the ability to reach up to 10 NM. 96 and 200 Wh battery pack options available.

M650H Lantern
Up to 4 NM

A popular, lightweight and durable design now upgraded to offer up to
60 cd IALA peak intensity. Includes intelligent energy management systems, an intuitive on-board user interface and more.

LED 160
Up to 12 NM

World-class optical performance, multiple divergences for fixed or floating applications, and a field  of range from 3 NM up to 12 NM. Compatible with LightGuard Monitor technology and available to ship this Fall.