Introducing the MX Series: Simple, Affordable Connectivity

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June 1, 2023
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It’s always an exciting day when we get to launch something new, and today we’ve got something big.

We’d like to introduce our new MX Series of connected beacons and signs: the simplest and most affordable way to monitor, control, and gather data from roadway safety infrastructure.

MX does connectivity differently

Until now, if you wanted to get remote access to critical safety infrastructure like crosswalk or school zone beacons a system, you needed to source, pay for, and install a third-party device—sometimes more than one. Then you’d have to scrutinize and compare subscription plans, hoping to land on one that gives you the right features at the best price.

With MX, local and remote wireless connectivity comes standard on all systems. We embed it in the hardware at the factory, meaning your get immediate online access to your system as soon as it receives power, both remotely in the cloud and locally with an app.

It’s simple. It works. And get this: Each system ships with three years of free remote connectivity. Plus, our local Bluetooth app is included forever and works on any iOS or Android device.

MX features smart, scalable hardware

A big part of how we pull off this off is MX’s smart modular design. Like Lego, MX systems are made up of modules that can be arranged in myriad ways that go beyond the conventional configurations offered by most manufacturers.

Smart modules also provide better, more detailed data for asset management and troubleshooting, and they come with MUCTD Standard settings, so if you haven’t committed SAE Standard J595 Class 1 to memory, not to worry—the module has.

MX makes connectivity affordable

Cities already know the benefits of connected infrastructure. Increased operational efficiency, enhanced public safety, reduced environmental impact… cities want these things, but with notoriously tight budgets, cost is a common barrier.

Our free MX Lite subscription comes with every MX system and provides three years of remote access with our cloud-based MX Cloud™ software. From the dashboard, you can see all your MX systems in one place, set up text and email alerts, check system health and usage data, and more. 

If you need more features, you can upgrade to one of our paid subscriptions, MX Plus and MX Pro. These affordably-priced subscriptions include all the core features of MX Lite, plus some additional heavy-hitters like data charting, knockdown alerts, and remote scheduling.

In fact, our R829-MX school zone beacon with MX Pro is the most affordable solution on the market.

MX is the new standard for roadway safety infrastructure

When we set out to build MX, we wanted to challenge the status quo for connectivity, and after many months of research, development, testing, marketing, and meetings (so many meetings!), we’re proud to say: we’ve done it.

With MX, connectivity isn’t an afterthought or an add-on. It isn’t complicated or costly. It’s integrated, intuitive, and affordable. It’s our best work yet, and we can’t wait to share more of it with you in the coming months.

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