Five Corners Roundabout - Edmonds, WA

Edmonds, Washington, roundaboutLocation: Edmonds, Washington, USA

Client: City of Edmonds

Client website:

Overview: In the city of Edmonds, Washington, a five-way intersection, located where 212th Street SW, Bowdoin Way, and 84th Avenue W converge, was often congested, and several serious accidents had occurred there. The intersection was given an “F” rating (“A” is best) in a 2008 transportation plan based on traffic delay time, congestion, and other factors. In 2012, the city decided to go ahead with a plan to replace the intersection with a roundabout, which would increase the location’s rating to a “B.” The new intersection would also improve accommodation for bicycle and pedestrian activity. To this end, the city required safe mechanisms for pedestrians to cross the intersection.

Our solution:10 R920 RRFBs

Recognition: In November 2016, the Five Corners Roundabout received a Director’s Award from the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and the Federal Highways Administration (FHWA).

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