What We Do

Carmanah Technologies Corporation provides signaling and solar lighting solutions for infrastructure projects around the world. With over 400,000 installations in 110 countries, we are in your community—in the street lights on your block and the school zones in your neighborhood. We have built a global reputation for delivering innovative, cost-effective, and long-lasting solutions that offer cost savings and ensure environmental sensitivity.

Our product portfolio includes systems for pedestrian and driver safety in the traffic market. It also includes industrial and commercial solar-powered LED lighting systems and marking systems for offshore wind farms.

Established in 1996, Carmanah is headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Our brand portfolio includes Sabik Offshore and Sol, which each offer energy-optimized LED solutions that are built to perform in some of the world’s harshest and most remote environments—while also working close to home.

“Carmanah has the best equipment we have used so far. They deserve a lot of credit for making the RRFB enhanced crosswalk available across the USA.”

– Bill Baranowski, PE, City Traffic Engineer, West Jordan, UT

Traffic Beacons and Signs and Offshore Signals

Our Traffic business serves the North American traffic safety market with solar-powered flashing beacons and signs for the transportation industry, including solutions for pedestrian crosswalks, school zone, radar speed signs, and more.


Our Offshore Wind business specializes in the provision of comprehensive safety and marking systems for offshore wind farms.


Solar Illumination Market

Our Outdoor Lighting business provides advanced solar-powered LED lighting for cities and commercial properties, customizing solutions for streets, pathways, parking lots, and more.


What’s a Carmanah?

Image of a solar powered light encased in plastic by Carmanah Technologies.
M501 Marine Lantern: One of Carmanah’s early solar-powered lights, developed in 1998.

Not sure how to say it? It’s pronounced “car-MAN-ah” and it means “thus far upstream” in the Ditidaht First Nation language, an apt name for a company that goes upstream straight to the source of all life on earth—the sun—for its power.

We got our start in 1996, when Carmanah Technologies Corp. was incorporated with a mission to supply the world with solar-powered LED marine lighting for navigation and hazard marking. Led by founder Dr. David Green, Carmanah excelled in research and development, proving repeatedly that with available technology, it could develop lighting products that defied conventional thinking.

Fast forward to today, and you will find that this innovative culture is what has driven Carmanah to be a globally recognized company with strong industry brands, innovative development, and a talented team that makes it all happen.

The Triple Bottom Line Strategy

Our triple bottom line commitment means doing business in a manner that supports people, planet, and profit. We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations and supporting the health, wellbeing, and education of our employees and the people in the communities we interact with and serve. We believe that these activities will benefit both the environment and society while simultaneously enhancing our corporate profitability and value. In 2015, Carmanah began publishing an annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report, in which we proudly set goals and report on our corporate triple bottom line activities.

Read our Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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