School Zone Flashing Beacons

Flashing beacons on School Zone warning signs draws driver’s attention to posted speed limits. Studies show that School Zone beacons can reduce vehicle speeds by 5-7 miles per hour.* School Zone flashing beacon systems promote a safe environment that encourages students to walk and bike to school, and are also recommended for use under Safe Routes to Schools programs.

For a complete school zone safety solution, consider installing both School Zone Flashing Beacons on speed limit signs and our Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons at school crosswalks to help reduce vehicle speed and improve pedestrian safety.


Crosswalk Flashing Beacons

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Since we couldn't possibly represent every member of our team here, we've chosen to profile a few of our key players and the people your most likely to speak to when you pick up the phone and give us a call. We look forward to talking with you.
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Community Stories

Carmanah crosswalk solutions are ideal for communities looking to transform their urban landscapes into vibrant, livable space shared by all modes of transportation. A perfect fit for Smart Growth America initiatives, Complete Street projects, and communities seeking LEED ND certification, Carmanah Rectangular Rapid Flashing Crosswalk Beacons (RRFBs) are either solar or AC-powered and install quickly onto existing sign posts.

Communities like those in Bend, Oregon have noted a 60% increase in driver yield compliance at high-traffic crosswalks with the installation of rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB) technology.
Here are some other real world examples of what can be accomplished with flashing beacon technology.

12 Dec, 2013

Today Carmanah Traffic announced Bridgeway Island Elementary School, in West Sacramento, CA as the winning entry in the Be a Beacon Contest.

Flashing Beacon Products

Carmanah flashing beacons are proven to enhance driver awareness and improve the visibility of important warning signage at crosswalk sites, school zones, and other hazardous areas.  Combining our best-in-class solar and LED technology with our integrated Energy Management System (EMS) ensures our products provide a reliable and robust traffic safety solution. The need for specialized work crews are eliminated because our systems are designed for easy and quick installation.  These installation advantages, combined with the operating efficiencies of our flashing beacons make us a leader in roadway and pedestrian crosswalk markings.

Solar Flashing Beacons


Carmanah Technologies is a market leader in solar LED flashing beacons across North America. Carmanah’s intelligent design, compact construction and robust performance provide innovative solar solutions for the traffic industry. Designed to install quickly, easily and cost-effectively, Carmanah solar flashing beacons are built to withstand harsh winter climates of Ohio as they do in the hot Florida sun, delivering years of proven performance.

Departments of transport, counties, municipalities and active transportation groups continue to call on Carmanah beacons when they are looking for reliable, cost-effective products supported by a friendly and knowledgeable team of experts.

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs). Solar powere solutions for crosswalks at marked, incontrolled crossings.


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