Solar Training Center in Haiti Puts Sol Front and Center

October 17, 2017
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In late October 2017, the Solar Training Center at Haiti Tec in Port au Prince, Haiti, will begin its inaugural first-year solar technician class—and the Sol EG145 solar street light will be in the spotlight. Brad Burkhartzmeyer and Carol Weis, members of the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) curriculum team, set up the program in the new solar technical laboratory at Haiti Tech.

Sol has committed to dedicating some of its profits to help advance solar lighting in areas that need it most but lack the means to install it. The SELF program is a perfect fit for Sol’s funding. This NGO leads the world in the design and implementation of solar energy solutions where grid access is unavailable.

SELF gives students the opportunity to learn how to install a solar street light as part of their coursework. “We are thrilled that the students will have an enriched learning experience with the opportunity to use your products first-hand,” says Bob Freling, executive director of SELF. “We are so grateful to Carmanah Technologies [via Sol] for supplying reliable, high-quality solar equipment.”

Solar street lights installed in Dunkassa, Benin.

Solar street lights installed in Dunkassa, Benin.


In the past, Sol worked with SELF on another project in Benin, located in Africa’s Gulf of Guinea. There, three villages received lighting for their market areas and general street lighting. “Small businesses have sprung up under the lights, people stay out later to socialize and many people have expressed appreciation for the greater security that the lights bring,” says Jeff Lahl, project director at SELF. “In a village where most people don’t have electricity, the street lights have been transformative.”

Stay tuned for updates on the Haiti project once the program gets underway.


>> Sol advocates for solar lighting training and education where energy poverty is a factor. Meanwhile, it also supports training closer to home. Contractors everywhere who are interested in installing solar outdoor lighting can sign up to become a Sol Certified Contractor now. Visit Sol’s contractor page for more information.